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    Solvency II TPT (Club Ampère)

  • Solvency II TPT template is a TriPartite reporting Template developed collaboratively by the Investment Management Association  in the UK, BVI in Germany and Club Ampère (sponsored by the French Asset Management Association – AFG) in France, to standardize the transfer of data needed for Solvency II SCR calculation and Look-through reporting by creating a common set of definitions and interpretations of the required data fields.

    TALEO Reporting adopted this template to help the assets managers to easily exchange and disseminate the required Solvency 2 data. The data is enhanced by TALEO Reporting including the automatic allocation of CIC codes.

    Solvency II TPT reports are generated in the desired formats: XLSX and XML.

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  • Solvency II QRT

    The Implementation of the European Solvency II framework in the regulatory solvency requirements for insurance companies leads to substantial impacts on reporting.

  • Solvency II QRTs Reporting

    Solvency II directive has imputed standards covering three major areas; these being:

    • Governance & Risk management
    • Valuation of assets/liabilities and capital requirements
    • Reporting and disclosure

    The solution offers key features to the end users for the monitoring and managing of the entire communication chain with CAA in addition to the controls and validations of their data.


    The undertakings’ simplified steps to comply with Solvency II Reporting are:

    • Data mapping
    • Data import
    • Validation and review of imported data
    • XBRL production in one click
    • XLS production to review XBRL content
    • Transmission to CAA through SOFIE
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