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From a part of Bach, the Sezen Aksu’s song was potentially present in the starting singularity of the Big Bang’s starting singularity from the Turkish lakh to music tools, their mobile phones from the Turkish lakh. Big Bang’s initial potential covers everything that exist in the Universe. A way of understanding that the universe is designed with a superior art and can also look at the universe of the universe, a starting moment of a starting moment. This perspective involves a discreet approach and the intuition of an artselane. There is no need for probability accounts and critical observations for this approach. For example, the starting singularity of the universe is the person who thinks that the boiling soup at the beginning of the universe is dreaming and listening to Bach, looking at a beautiful view and sipping tea; When the view that it listens to is, the view and the tile that the universe is present and prepared in the initial potential, will inconvenient that this potential existing in the universe is not incidental.

This is one of the most important contributions to the Bang Bang’s design evidence. Big Bang shows the difference of the current status of the universe with the beginning of the current status, but at the same time, everything from all the works of nature to all the production of humanity is potentially available at the beginning. The person who thinks about the current status of the universe, also obtains an intuitive evidence of the design in the universe.

Some people are not able to see the godly aspect of human discoveries because of the human mind’s mix in the work. However, no production of the human mind can be out of the potential that exist at the beginning of the universe. Before the Sezen Aksu is composed of compositions, the composition made; The presence of the notes and these notes can be potentially present in the universe. The artist and science discovers the man who is potentially available in the man universe. In a sense, the artists and scientists are the people who are potentially created by God and discovering the laws of science. Although a piece of singer is the discovery of the computer scientist, the all universe and the songs and computers present in the potential of this universe are the designs that God created in the potential from the beginning. Therefore, all the designs of humanity are the evidence of God’s design. God is the only owner of all these designs, God is creative designer; Scientists and artists are exploratory designers. So that the musician’s composition is as divine as the bird’s sons, the shoe is as godlike as the human foot, the mobile phone is as divine as human ear. These were not potentially created at the beginning of Big Bang, we cannot observe these today, unable to taste and use them.

Leibniz “Why do you have something instead of nothing?” she had asked. This was the statement that the universe is not possible to accommodate itself in its own statement and need an explanation outside of its own. One question can be added to this question: “Why are scientific laws instead of chaos?”

With scientific effort, it is aimed to find scientific laws and to recognize the universe accordingly, to plan the future, comfortable and trust. But this effort is not a statement that scientific laws are. For example, let’s address the scientific statement of the shooting power. Whether in Newton’s manner, when Einstein has addressed the shooting power of the way, this description explains how the trajectory of Jupiter’s trajectories around the Jupiter. B

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