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I drank this illness once in order not to put shit on courage, I thought it was something like a cigarette, I took 3 breaths in a row and life turned into a big fountain for me after this minute .. external sounds, movements … my voice and movements seemed to be in a completely different world. my mind and body have become two completely different phenomena for me. my body started making decisions on its own. my mind was busy trying to comprehend things as if it was just an inner voice, and I couldn’t do anything. I was so conscious that I washed with cold water, drank plenty of water, ate something, tried to sleep, nothing made a profit. 4 hours of palpitations and a terrible fear of death would literally tear my heart out. Although I am an atheist, I prayed so much in these 4 hours that I would end up and return to normal. again? never .. not just hanging out with the drinker .. I will do everything I can to prevent people from falling into such a void.

2 three friends are going to a friend’s house. This host friend is an alcoholic brother. We brought you something new, you should try it, they say it is very nice marijuana and they take the man to the head. The aim of these friends is to have fun and make fun of the man. they take a storm themselves, they give the man three storms. let the man drink his drink why are you bringing the man to drugs! here is the danger! Two or three people huddled up the reel with the guy and they gasp the man to have fun and laugh. Of course the man takes the smoke by making me proud and saying nothing will happen to me !!! his friends have looked at this sleep, let’s get up, let’s go to our house and leave the man just like that. The next day, no news from the man, he does not look at their phones .. they enter the house with a locksmith, the man stands on the table with his head on his arms just as they left it from the night. unfortunately he died !! Be you, do not drink bonzai, especially when you drink, do not enter the death stand. God bless you will take you away! I drank once, what I went through was terrible. time never passed. I was going from trip to trip. Especially when I think about death, I cannot tell you how my heart beats. This was a great lesson to me. I repent now, I do not smoke any drugs, neither marijuana nor bonzai. Please protect yourself and your friends from this drug malady. bad things are nice to people please, if you do not want to lose your loved ones, if you love your family, take your mind off ..

We are the muptelas of this, after ten minutes our head is beautiful, a substance that can make very addicted, there is no head for four hours or something, a four-hour-old friend, what is your head?

You are addicted, because of that, your head will drop in 10 minutes for the first time in that triple 4 hours is normal

My boyfriend smoked marijuana 4 days ago, but he’s still bad psychologically, I think his movements slowed down, he forgets everything, what do you think is the reason? But I would be very happy if you answer like a cigarette with marijuana, not bonzai.

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