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sudden has been using it for a long time, but nothing has happened yet. But of course that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. My only fear is that he will get into that death trip. Actually, he is aware of everything. Not only bonzai but also cannabis drugs. Always because of his circle of friends. Sometimes he comes to his mind and says I have to get rid of all of them. We are 3 years old and as far as I know he has been using those scum for 2 years. He vomits when he drinks bonzai. Not only he, but even I am affected by his state of affairs. I’m slowly drifting toward disaster and I can’t do anything …

I have been drinking active bonzai since March 2012. In the beginning, yes, it is killing and it is destroying it. But it’s impossible to catch those heads. I am a person who gets a bucket full of tissue and two covers in a sitting. bonzai is not everyone’s fee. It is very beautiful and unlike anything else. Nobody has a problem. Do not use it. i regret Do not do anything to regret it. I am only 17 years old. not necessary . I have to prepare for the exam this year, but I don’t know how to quit. Actually, I will cut down on SSF weed and drink it and let it go. Look at me friendly advice to you. After a while, you will not come to drink, but you will continue because of your friendship. Don’t ever start. Go and make coke seeds, it really makes it more troubling. :)))

You were only 17 years old .. Look, a brother’s advice for you; ” Coach, go tell your family about your situation, or go get support from institutions for free. Do it with a friend you see close to yourself if you are afraid of your family. When I said don’t mess with shit, I’m going to leave him. You can’t quit because .. Don’t, don’t, my Aslan .. ”

Before using bonzai, just think about this if the atheist is thinking of praying, think about the rest, believe me, even death is the most beautiful situation that you are living at that moment.

You don’t know how to drink weed, if you smoke like an animal, you will enter the death tribune. Be the happiest person in the world for a few. I did not feel addicted, I drank it 2 weeks ago, and I don’t feel like it.

He said to me like a friend marijuana, I drank it, I never expected such a thing. I was disconnected from the world and wandered in the realm of dreams. It seemed like 3 hours to me, but 5 minutes or so passed. I say dream world, but don’t think it’s a beautiful thing, I’m trembling with fear. I was completely paralyzed and could not move. I could barely speak. To get back to the real world, I had to focus with all my might, and I would stop focusing for a moment. I was always afraid, thinking that I was dying / going to die. It’s like I’ve been trapped there forever. My heart rate was 200bpm. Then, focusing deeply, I turned to reality and vomited. When I got up after vomiting, I was temporarily blinded.

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