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This approach is in an ideological and philosophical plane, in a parallel view of a more general society and culture understanding and a transformation of the methodological methodological methodological methodological methodological methods. Elefliral approaches with this pouring are made of weight. Elefltirel direction change in television studies is followed by a historical development line. Under the Elefltirel theory, studies undergoing television discourse television, representing, representation, ideology and subjectivity issues.

Cultural D> Flavurum Area, television, almost all societies are considered to be the most central cultural d> flavurum vehicle; It cannot abstract himself from social age, depend on time and space. With the surrounding environment, it is intertwined with the operation process. In parallel to this, it plays an important role in social learning.

It also produces message systems and symbols creating or planning. A Deyiflle Television is a cultural tool that continues its values ​​in CA¤DAFL cultures and maintaining existing values ​​and norms.

The storytelling function television guides the knowledge of the world as well as the world of knowledge. Looks at the world from the window showing the television. Here is a framing. Our saw is the contents of this framework. This is a world of completion in fact; We are not completed to re-inflate this completion world. In this process, the storytelling of the television is carflar. A significant story of television call is a stories. When the television is analyzed from cultural opening, it is seen as a Confell Societies Waist Kimas as a communication tool. As a aesthetic object, he quires a culture with the storytelling function. The story narrative for a long time is only a face to face. Story narration via the network is due to the tribal type of age. In these periods, history narration and rituals have enabled people in common cultures and celebrations. All communities are involved in the stories of narrative process and this process is a listener from the story of the story. It is also the industrialization of history narration as a result of the presence of the printing and steam power. Stories have papers space and status of space and status. Before the book people say> traditional benchmarks, and in time, the magazine and cinema film were added. Television is considered new face of tribal history narrative. Pre-industry-tribe-specific ritual side. These rituals assist who they are and what we are and what they are, and what they are arranged, and do not understand how they are loaded and changes the meaning. As a central cultural tool, television provides a lot of dominant in this role, very much variety of meaning to the meaning of an opinion of the dominant. The television is a story narrative as a symbolic world as a symbolic world and plays an important role in determining images of my head.

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